Monday, September 27, 2010

Let the Clone War begin...........

The soon to be famous Clones arrived last week, so I decided to take one out for a try.  I ordered the three primary color varieties - Light Green Pickerel, Brown Bull and Poison Dart, the last being the color of choice for the day.  I tied on "Bumblebee" as my son has now named it and loaded up the gear for an all day kayak excursion.  The morning bite was slow, which was to be expected, having just completed a full moon cycle the previous night.  A few bites were had but nary a one on the frog.

I packed it in and headed to a new spot where the fish are typically real aggressive.  I tossed a Ribbit out first to gauge the aggressiveness.  About 15 minutes later and 6 fish on record, I decided the time was ripe for the "Bee" to make his debut.  I tossed him out with a soft arc and was promptly met with a nice bass engulfing "bee" and leaping out of the air at least a foot and promptly setting the hook himself as he re-entered the water.  The fight was on!!!  About 30 seconds later, the Clone had officially caught the first sizable fish of the day - an 18 incher!!

A few minutes later, I saw a big one prowling the shallows slowly, so I tossed "bee" out again and retrieved it right in front of this hawg sitting in 8 inches of water.

I should point out that the Clone frogs come with two sets of legs - one thin set for a quicker action of the legs and one thicker set for a lower rebound action.  I opted for the slow recoil version today to try and entice those picky hawgs into biting.  Well, it worked.  I stopped "bee" in front of this one lurking near the shore and let the ripples settle.  With the thick legs on, a slight twitch of the rod will move the frog but the recoil of the legs will actually pull the frog back to its original place.  So, basically you can annoy the living heck out of a fish by just twitching the frog in front of their nose.  I did this once or twice, and it was to much to resist for that ole' girl.  FISH ON!!!

Another 30 seconds and the second Clone frog bass was landed - another 18 incher.

What a great way to wrap up a solid day on the water.  Next time, "Chewbacca" makes his debut on the water - the Brown Bull version of the Clone.  Until then, tight lines and hawg memories!!!

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