Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting schooled by a First Grader!!!

Namely my son.....

All morning long I hear......"Daddy you're not catching any fish, because you're not using the right color. You need to use the blue like me."  "Daddy, I can catch them for you if you want. Here Daddy cast over here......"
"Daddy, you should probably put the blue one on cause that's what I'm using and catching all the fish."

Lord grant me the ability to remain humble and bite my dang tongue - any more humble and I wouldn't have any tongue left :lol: :lol: .

The weekend started with a quick trip to the commercial ponds we frequent on SAT morning. He out fished me 7-6. A sign of the things to come for the weekend. SUN morning comes, and I already have everything loaded for a kayak trip. Should I take him to pond #1 or pond #2........let's do #1, since I just fished #2 two Fridays ago.

We start the day off - me loaded for bass (mistake #1) and him loaded with the same deadly electric blue paddle tail grub from the day before (mistake #2). Note to self, remember to bring the u/l spinning rod next time with at least a stump jumper tied on - geez you dummy :roll: :roll:

Anyway, we paddled back to some pads where I saw some fish rolling and even had one swipe at my frog but no luck. As we made our way back around the first shallow point, he hooks into fish #1 and it was on like Donkey Kong for him, He landed 21 fish to my 4 - the only time I caught fish was when his royal highness was gracious enough to let me use his rod because (and I quote) "Daddy, you can use my rod, because my hands hurt from reeling in all of those fish."

:roll: :roll:

For a relative newcomer to fishing, he ended up taking direction really well for where I wanted him to cast. Who knew I made a good unpaid kayak fishing guide :lol: :lol: . Anyway, he ended up besting his previous large fish by a 1/4" for a LMB at 15 1/4". He also landed a fat Black Crappie and 2 Chain Pickerel (his first ever!!!)

I had the last parting shot though - a personal best Bluegill at 9.25" large enough to post for Kayak Wars and Team LipRippers......


  1. Love it Chuck! Great job getting the little one on the fish and creating those great memories. I'm planning on taking my little one out for croakers soon. Maybe we should do a joint father/son/daughter trip!

  2. You bet!!!! Any time man - would love to get out there with you. We can give Marty a shout, too. His daughter loves to fish as well.