Monday, September 10, 2012

2nd Annual CBKA tourney report

This past weekend was the annual Chesapeake Bay Kayak Anglers charity tournament to benefit the Coastal Conservation Authority and Make-A-Wish. We had anglers from as far north as New York and as far south as North Carolina. The tournament had a pretty good turn out for only having been the second time with over 60 anglers joining the fray.

Several folks arrived on Friday to pre-fish, and I opted to do the same having never fished the area. The weather on Friday was awesome with temps in the low 90's with a steady breeze all day. With an approaching storm front though, the winds began to gust at 15-20 and foretold of things to come for the following day. Before we even finished the Captain's Meeting on Friday night, the National Weather Service had issued a small craft advisory for the entire region.

The advisory warned of a storm moving at 40 mph with winds gusting up to 72 mph. I knew that fishing too far from the weigh-in location would not be the best plan, so I found a cove on Kent Island about a mile and a half away and targeted there for my tournament.  I ventured out to the bridge but found the waters to be too difficult to fish properly, so I sought the safety of the coves.  I only spotted 2-3 other boaters out there as well, so I think I made the right decision.

In the end, I caught several fish including 2 redfish, a smallish striper, 20 white perch and a spot - none of which were worthy enough to be entered, but still no skunk on either the pre-fish day or the day of the tournament.

The fish sizes for the area are smaller than the fish I am use to catching or seeing caught down on the Hampton Roads/Virginia Beach & Chesapeake peninsula area, but we were all witness to a citation being entered. It wasn't the massive reds or gator trout us saltwater anglers long for, but the winning perch was measured in at 13" which is a Maryland citation.

The raffle was a great time as well with most everyone going home with something, but we all were anxious for the top raffle prize - a 2012 Hobie Revolution 11. In the end, although I missed out on the new Hobie, I ended up with a nice Redington bag that retails for about $50, so it was worth it. This was a well run tournament from the folks over on MKF ( and they deserve mad props for running it. A big thanks go out to the sponsors that contributed prizes for the raffles and placings in each division.

I pieced together my tournament experience late last night in the following video.....

I hope you enjoy!

Tight lines, be safe and always always always keep a weather eye on the horizon!


  1. Glad you came Chuck, See you in two weeks... and glad you were able to catch the raffle luck that your table seemed to have and come out of there with something!!

    1. Thanks Matt - it was a blast. I'll have to head up there a few times next summer and get a better feel for things so I'll be more prepared :). See you at TKAA!