Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Warming Trends

Weather temperatures have you confused? Annually here in Central Virginia, it seems like each February there is a temperature spike with a 4-5 day warming trend that really gets the fishing juices flowing.  I was fortunate enough to spend two days chasing a bite at a local pond.  While the air temperatures were in the low 60's, the water temperatures were still in the mid-40's.  As the picture above clearly depicts, I was not venturing out without proper cold water layers - thank you #Kokatat!

The bite was fairly slow, but I managed to convince a variety of species into the kayak using some trusty PTL JP Hammershads on the end of the line.  The winning ticket on both days was a slow retrieve over submerged wood with the bait smacking into it and then a subtle pause/drop afterwards.  Since there were no storms of late, the shallower areas had crystal clear water and required a greater level of stealth.

The new Hobie MD180 Mirage Drive (which I borroed from my 2017 Hobie Revolution 13) was crucial in these moments as I was able to reverse my motion with one simple pull of the cable.  I could then make a longer cast to the target area and work it over slowly and methodically.  While I didn't have tremendous success, I did complete the two trips with 4 Largemouth Bass, 2 Fliers, 1 Bluegill and a massive Chain Pickeral that was well over 22" and fat but snapped the lightweight leader too easily when he choked the Hammershad and made a snap turn.

Gear summary:
Kayak: 2015 Hobie Outback
Rods: Bull Bay Rods Stealth & Tactical custom medium spinning rods
Reels: Shimano Stradic FJ3000
Line: PowerPro Braid Hi-Vis Yellow and P-Line Flouroclear leader
Lure: Powerteam Lures 3.6" JP Hammershad on a 1/16oz Jacked Whacker jighead
Photomount: YakAttack GearTrac GT-175 (4") and the Dogbone Camera Mount

A great weekend nonetheless! It felt amazing to be back on the water again.  Bigger fish are on the way - I promise!

I'm already looking forward to my next outing!

Stay safe and get on 'em!

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