Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sundays are a Drag.....

Well, the weather was too iffy to chance taking a yak out, so the family opted for a little bank fishing with me at the trusty pond.  We pulled up and were greeted by a body of water that was at least 4' below normal - Uh oh, this could be a short trip.

Trusting my instincts, I had pre-rigged all 3 rods with the new Confidence Baits Draggin' Heads and small plastics.  The wife had a Floating Bird in dark brown, my son a 3" stick bait in green pumpkin and myself with a small craw in green pumpkin.  The wife hooked into one after her second cast.  I landed one shortly thereafter, and our son hooked into one as well.
At least we had the right presentation, and color was not a determining factor.  We continued to fish one side with some manner of success, but we decided to move over to the opposite side anyway. All three of us continued to see action with persistent hits and a few more fish landed.

The new Draggin' Head is a perfect hook for the novice or school age young angler.  It requires almost no action by the angler to get a decent hook set, and even fish barely hooked stay on due to the small diameter of the hook.  As the action slowed a bit, I switched over to the Floating Bird in Lemon Pepper, and promptly feel something with a little more shoulders to it.  I set the hook and am greeted promptly by a nice bend in the rod.  A 30 second fight ends with my first Largemouth Bass of significant size on the new Floating Bird.

We ended up catching 5-6 fish each and missed a few as well.  Today was more about getting out of the house and avoiding a sedentary position even with the threat of bad weather.  If you are an angler like myself who is looking for innovative products to make your fishing experience more enjoyable, I encourage you to try the new line of products by Confidence Baits - they are a top notch outfit and make quality products.  As the founders will tell you, these baits are not just for Smallmouth Bass.  They can be used on any species that targets living creatures that creep along the bottom of any body of water.  My next outing will be in the salt water, so I plan on testing out the hooks and soft plastics and see how they fair.  Until next time, tight lines and positive thoughts!!

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